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Do You Suffer from Back Pain?

In a previous blog post, I shared with you that I incurred a serious back issue in November 2003. Fortunately, using alternative healthcare methods, I was able to heal and to totally avoid surgery.  What I am going to share with you is How to Stay the Hell out of my Emergency Department!(SOOMER.ORG) Since then, I […]

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Comfort Zone

Hello, I know what the above means to me, however, would like to discover what it means to you.  I would welcome your comments.  Robert Ealy, MD comfort zone picture

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Avoid Surgery for your Herniated Disc!

My Story On that fateful day in November 2003, how would I know how my life was about to change? Recently married, I had moved to Chicago, Il from the East Coast in June of 1983 to begin to fulfill my Public Health Service Obligation for 3 years. Fast forward 20 years, divorced for 4 […]

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High Blood Pressure also known as The Silent Killer

As a little boy growing up on Long Island, NY, I watched a lot of TV.  It was from watching TV that I had learned the words “High Blood Pressure,” but it was through family members where I had learned that high blood pressure was a Silent Killer.  What I am going to share with you is How to Stay the Hell […]

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