Avoid Surgery for your Herniated Disc!

My Story

On that fateful day in November 2003, how would I know how my life was about to change? Recently married, I had moved to Chicago, Il from the East Coast in June of 1983 to begin to fulfill my Public Health Service Obligation for 3 years. Fast forward 20 years, divorced for 4 years and now becoming accustomed to being on my own, I was just returning from my original home on Long Island, NY to the Midwest from my Dad getting remarried. My Brother-in-Law had just dropped me off at the Airport, as I stepped out of his vehicle my Right Leg gave out. I could not feel my right foot at all. One could have stuck a knife in my foot and I would have only felt pressure, not sharp knife like pain. I had very little strength in my right lower leg to the point that they had to place me in a wheelchair. My mind raced about what was going on with my Body. As an Emergency Medicine Specialist, I did have an idea about what was possibly going on. I assumed that it must be some to type Herniated Disc on my nerves!

I thought, Robert what are you going to do? I have this Spiritual Retreat coming up in a few days out West which will require exercising, hiking and camping alone for 3 whole days and nights. What am I going to do? Since I had a Herniated Disc in my back, should I go or stay home since I will have to use a cane and have my Family help me. I had to go. Something deep inside me said that I had to go. The Spiritual Retreat for me would continue to peal back the deeper layers of the onion skin of emotional & physical baggage I was continuing to carry around since childhood that was only worsened by my Divorce.

A wise man once said that FAITH without works or action is DEAD! True Faith requires ACTION! I did attend the event. The Speaker did make a comment that although Robert had a Herniated Disc, he  made every reason of why he had to attend, while many others looked for any reason not to attend. Many of the Attendees came up to me individually and thanked me because they drew strength from me making the hikes, trying to climb up the mountain, falling down time and again and yet getting up every time.

Once returning from the Retreat, it was back to work again in the Emergency Department. I was still in bad shape. I had to walk with a cane. There were times in which the nursing staff had to push me around in a wheelchair to see patients. I finally had an MRI(Special X-Ray) of my lower back which demonstrated that I had 3 Herniated Discs as well as Spinal Stenosis. I am not much of a medicine taker, however, the nursing staff insisted that I take something when I was not working. I had a few Surgeons look at my MRI and informed me that I needed to have surgery immediately. One of my nursing associates suggested that I see a Surgeon who had operated on a number of the Paramedics backs with excellent results. I believe I saw him on a Tues. and he scheduled surgery on a Thurs. I finally told him, you are not going to cut open my back for some type of Boat Payment. I know you are good and God has blessed you with great skill, however, I have to find out whether there are any alternatives?

I contacted all of the Alternative Healing folks who I knew were active and either from self experience or knew of someone who had incurred a Herniated Disc.  Dozens and Dozens of folks sent me contact information in addition to there prayers. I was fortunate that one of my Nursing Colleagues had referred me to this young man who had a Therapy called MP Stretch. My friend was a runner and injured her knee.  She sought out an Orthopedic Surgeons opinion who felt that she needed surgery.  She found the young man via word of mouth and obtained good enough results that she was able to avoid surgery. I began to see Mr. Mike on a regular basis. I slowly began to see progress. When I first met Mr. Mike, I was walking very poorly with a cane. That was the mid Dec. of 2003. I was walking totally on my own by the end of Feb. 2004.

I had another Retreat in March of 2004 with my Family. I walked in and said to them, look Mom, no Hands! Everyone stood up and clapped!