Things your Doctor may not share with you about Quick Fix Medicine

There are so many medicines that exist for any ailment that we may have, but nothing compares to good old fashion Clean Eating and Exercise.  What I am going to share with you is How to Stay the Hell out of my Emergency Department!(SOOMER.ORG)

Clean Eating such as avoiding fried or processed food in combination with daily Exercise has been linked to numerous health benefits.  The combination of the two on a daily basis can reduce and even prevent such chronic diseases as Diabetes, High Blood pressure and Obesity.
As an Emergency Medicine Doctor my first suggestion to many of my patients is to improve ones health through changing ones diet and exercising.  My point in making these suggestions is to convey my concerns for them to get healthy and to avoid taking prescription medication if possible.  There are a lot of side effect to many medications that are prescribed. I have listed a few and the side effects that may be linked to taking them. 
My first example is Hypoglycemic (Diabetic) Agents. Yes, they do work by lowering your Blood Sugar, but can cause serious health risks especially to elderly adults.  Side effects of theses Agents include Liver problems and they also have been linked to more deaths such as Heart Disease.  Elderly Adults may experience such side effects as Congestive Heart Failure.
Cholesterol Reducing Medication such as the Group called the Statins are included in the list of medicines with inherent side effects. These medications also do work, still they are not without risks. The main side effects in order of concern are as follows: Cancer, Liver Damage, Muscle Damage and Depression.
Last but not least, Obesity.  Bariatric Surgery is an option used to help aid many people who’s health is at risk due to Obesity or in most cases Morbid Obesity. This Operation can change ones life in many ways but is also inherent with its own side effects.  The side effects most commonly seen due to this procedure are: Abdominal Pain, Nausea and Vomiting , Food Intolerance, Dumping Syndrome, Changed Bowl Habits, Dehydration, Caution with Upper Endoscopies and Plastic Surgery.
In Conclusion, I believe that small changes with Clean  Eating habits along with daily Exercise is the key to living a long prosperous and healthy life. Applying these changes will in the long run save our lives & that changing our eating habits along with daily exercise should be incorporated if at all possible prior to resorting to the above interventions!