True Unconditional Love-God’s Love

Hello Dr. Robert Ealy here suggesting that one can learn life lessons even at the gym.  I decided to go to the gym following a 24 hour shift in the Emergency Department.  God knows I was dead tired since I had gotten up at 4am edt prior to going in at 7am edt before my 24 hour shift.  Working out in the gym is a form of meditation for me.  After being in the gym for as little as fifteen minutes, I forget whatever had happened in the Emergency Department during my previous shift.  Suddenly, I noticed an older couple walk into gym.  A lot of our skills as Emergency Medicine Physicians is based on observation.  Normally, I can slip back into being Pop(which my Boys Joshua Samuel and JR call me) or Bob(which my Pop calls me).  The reason this couple caught my attention is the way that the husband doted on his wife demonstrating the type of Love that most folks could never aspire to!  This Woman obviously had some type of Neurological Condition since she had a shuffling gait, some tremors and shakiness.  Her husband carefully took off her jacket and other outer garments to get her ready for her session with the personal fitness instructors.  Although this Wonderful Woman had some type of medical illness, it did not prevent her from working out.  She had every reason not to go to the gym…..Still , she did not!   As well known Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Robin Bernal( shared with me is that most folks have more excuses than the law allows!  At the completion of her Personal Training Session, her husband demonstrated the same of love and attention to his wife to the point it was intimate and that their energy was palpable!   What I was witnessing is God’s Love……Unconditional Love that he gives to all of us.  Observing this wonderful couple informed that I have to take my game up to a whole new level with my Boys, my Siblings, Robin coworkers…..people you come in contact in general.  What kind of world could this be if we could demonstrate the type of love the above couple graciously shared with me?  I encourage you to share your God’s Love(Unconditional Love) Stories!  I look forward to reading them.   Robert Ealy, MD