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Hello DocBobby here with some insight.  This past Sunday in Church, we had a powerful message delivered by Pastor Burch on the topic of Purpose and Destiny.  Pastor Burch elaborated that there is a reason for your existence on Planet Earth.  That God, the Universe does not make any mistakes and that nothing happens by […]

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Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose/Destiny?

While I was attending Church recently, Pastor Curtis Whittaker (Progressive Community Church, 656 Carolina Street, Gary, IN 46402) asked, “Are we fulfilling our own Destiny/Purpose or are we fulfilling someone else’s?”  One can ask, “Who is driving your Bus?”  Are you going nowhere fast?  Are you going in the direction that God has determined for you….to […]

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Hello DocBobby here.  I would like to chat about a subject that is quite lacking in our society today.  However, I going to approach it on what I observe in the Emergency Department.  Why is there a lack of Accountability in our Society?  What is Accountability?  Accountability is associated with accepting responsibility for one’s actions or answer […]

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Parents Be Parents

Hello Dr. Robert Ealy here.  As I have observed over the number of years in the Emergency Department, there is a dying breed occurring before my eyes: Parents Being Parents!  A number of folks feel some of the items that make the nightly news is because the lack of Parents Being Parents.  As I have listened to a […]

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