Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose/Destiny?

While I was attending Church recently, Pastor Curtis Whittaker (Progressive Community Church, 656 Carolina Street, Gary, IN 46402) asked, “Are we fulfilling our own Destiny/Purpose or are we fulfilling someone else’s?”  One can ask, “Who is driving your Bus?”  Are you going nowhere fast?  Are you going in the direction that God has determined for you….to fulfill your Purpose/Destiny while you walk upon this earth?”  Pastor Curtis also shared that God wants to awaken us to our assignment he has for us because many of us are just sleep-walking through life!  God has a vision, a purpose for us all!  He also shared that God wants us to be world-changers.  Unfortunately, a lot of us have had others write down our vision, our purpose/destiny for us.  However, unbeknownst to those poor individuals, they had written it down in pencil and now God comes along and writes it in indelible ink!  How does one find out God’s Purpose for us?  Spend time with him!  What is your purpose/destiny?

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