Hello DocBobby here with some insight.  This past Sunday in Church, we had a powerful message delivered by Pastor Burch on the topic of Purpose and Destiny.  Pastor Burch elaborated that there is a reason for your existence on Planet Earth.  That God, the Universe does not make any mistakes and that nothing happens by accident.  If one is fortunate enough to be able to connect with their Spirit, your Purpose……Your Destiny calls to you constantly if one is willing to listen.  The problem arises is when we let someone else in our life attempt to define our purpose.  One has an uneasy feeling in side that something is not right……or that this path that I am on just doesn’t feel right for me.  Yet, most of us just keep marching on to the beat of a different drummer or let someone else drive our bus in a direction that we don’t want to go.

I would like to share a story with you.  I was attending a personal development conference a few years ago.  Towards the end of the session the lead trainer had participate in an exercise called the jail game.  In the jail game there were a total of 5 participants.  One individual was surrounded by 4 people…..2 on the side of you and then the other 2 in front and back.  Prior to getting in the middle you had to give each jailer, a slip of paper with brief word or 2 or a sentence of the negative voices in your head.  I cannot recall the first 2, however, the last 2 I remember.  One was that I was not worthy, while the second was that I will die only being a doctor.  One would say to me that Robert you are a doctor, subsequently, that seems quite appropriate.  For years prior to this exercise, I had this reoccuring nightmare of observing myself in a coffin with a white coat on and I would wake up in a cold sweat.  I had no idea of what that meant until this exercise.  I had figure out that medicine was not what I thought it was going to be.  That we as clinicians were there to make a difference in folks lives…..not only to take care of their illnesses, but to educate them of and have patients Take Back Your Health or be Responsible for Your Own Health and have patient Stay Out Of My Emergency Room(www.SOOMER.org)!

When I discovered that the aforementioned was not our ultimate goal, I was confused…..I was lost.

When it was my turn for the exercise, I was crying which later became uncontrollable sobbing.  I has discovered at that moment, that I was not fulfilling my Purpose……my Destiny.  I was more than a Physician…….I was Healer.  I was here to make a difference in folks lives.  I was living someone else’s Purpose.  That was the reason I was having those reoccuring nightmare, because I just settling.  If you are a Winner in Life, Settling is not an Option.  I encourage you to find your Purpose!  I would like to hear back from you on how you found your Purpose!    Feedback is encouraged for me to serve you better! www.docbobby.com   Robert Ealy, MD