Men, when was the last time you saw your penis?

Hello, my name is Robert Ealy, MD.  I am Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and have over 30 years of experience.  In my years of practice I have heard all sorts of complaints.  I am going to share with you How to Stay the Hell out of my Emergency Department (WWW.SOOMER.ORG)!  

At 58, I began to think about the last time I saw my groin area after a recent photograph I took with some friends.  I could no longer deny the inevitable: I could not remember the last time I saw my penis.  I needed a body transplant.  I had begun slowly putting on weight and a recent photo fortunately was a wake-up call.  I had imagined that someone had asked me, “Sir, when is your baby due?  Are you having twins or triplets?”  After working in the emergency department for over 30 years and examining thousands of men, I knew that I was not alone.

Men, when we begin having problems bending over to tie our shoes or bending over to pick up something, Houston we have a problem!  Or Warning!  Warning!  Will Robinson, your Penis is lost in space… is nowhere to be found or seen.  My conclusion was that I could not see my penis because my stomach was in the way.

My problem  was that I was overweight because of eating too much. My mentor and friend, Tom Venuto, fitness expert, award-winning natural body builder, best-selling author, mentor,, says it succinctly: when you have a calorie surplus (eating too much), we entail a resultant weight gain.

Men, if you really want to see your Penis again, you need to produce a calorie deficit, i.e., burn off more calories than you take in!   Feedback is encouraged for me to serve you better.  Feedback is encouraged for me to serve you better.  ( Ealy, MD