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Dr. Ealy is a skilled physician who truly cares about the health and wellbeing of the whole person, not just the physical. He understands and has multiple experiences to which you can lay claim to the connection between the mind and body and the implications when one or both are not “well” or in sync. Dr. Ealy has seen the pain and death of people whose decisions, behaviors and actions have led to their demise. He inspires hope and truly believes with a change, even if it is a slight pivot, new opportunities are possible.

And he truly walks the talk, he invests in personal development and put the time into reclaiming his health – physically and mentally; he is in a constant process of learning and incorporating new learning in his daily living. He exemplifies passion – passion for people and for connection; passion for personal greatness and fulfillment; passion for what is possible and to teach/ help others learn how to take action in their life today.

JEFFREY EDWARDS  - Founder and President of Makewell Coaching


Dr. Robert Ealy, sincerely cares, and is authentic! He speaks his mind and doesn’t sweet talk but offers solutions. And it’s not just medication, he points out the patients responsibilities, suggest life style changes that make sense. He also has a great sense of humor (which I find underrated). It is a good balance between caring and no-nonsense no-patience-with-nonsense, one could call it tough love= perfect potion. Dr. Ealy truly lives by example!

Suzanne Davenport  - Musician, Teacher


Dr. Ealy is an actual doctor, who has been treating his patients with conventional western medicine for years… So, he has seen first hand the negative impact it hand as on his patients. And now he’s saying enough is enough! ? In other words… He is a licensed medical physician, who is against the medical industry.

Omar Briones - Digital Marketer, Founder & CEO of Infopreneur Agency


What stands out the most for me is Dr. Ealy’s intense passion and emotion around what he believes in. He would risk all wake up the masses and help us see what we need to see. His pride and ego don’t stand a chance against his desire to make a different. He DOES what it take and that power is sourced by his love and compassion. He is a great man!

Tara Carbo - Business Coach


What makes Dr. Ealy different from other MDs (and i’m thinking Dr Oz here) is his humility and how his identity as a healer is something he embraces. He has worked in the trenches and speaks with authority about the state of healthcare in America today. He is a great role model to all but particularly black youth. Dr. Ealy inspired me to stay true to my values as a healthcare worker (which is probably why I left the profession lol).

Lori Robertson


Dr. Ealy is a knowledgable and very caring person. He really wants to help people to stay healthy, vibrant and young. He has dedicated his life to teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle so that they never have to experience a life-threatening situation and don’t end up in an emergency room. Listen carefully to what he has to say!

Dagmar Schult - Founder and CEO of Global Social Wealth Unlimited
                                                                             Marketing Expert, Bestselling & Author