Coaching With Me

Thank you for your interest in my coaching program. I am primarily a Health and WellBeing coach, which means that while I can address and assist you with personal goals, my main focus is on your Health and WellBeing. I will coach you on developing a plan for your Health and a set of specific goals that you want to accomplish as well as establishing concrete plans of action to reach those goals. I focus on issues such as time and activity management, educating you on some quick and easy fixes that you can implement rather easily as well as the bumps and obstacles that you will run into along the way. I provide structure, support, and accountability to help you bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.Enter your text here...


Here is how my program works (all coaching is done over the phone):

First, we do a complimentary strategy session of coaching to see if we’re a match. You will most likely make some promises to take action over the next week or two.


Then, we schedule a follow up call to hold you accountable to those promises.


At that point, if you want to coach with me, I assign you homework, which usually consists of a taking a look at where you are now as far as your Health and WellBeing is concerned, your plan of action for accomplishing your goals over the the next 12 weeks and some of your 3-4 biggest challenges, etc.


Then we begin coaching. The first call is 1 hour, and then you get weekly, as well as unlimited phone and email contact with me between the calls for special challenges, emergencies, etc. You will be responsible for sending me a Pre-call Tracking Form the day before each call to update me on your progress, as well as an update on your goals. This will make our calls that much more powerful and effective.


I will also send you articles and tips and refer you to websites, books, and other resources I have found useful. And upon your approval, if I don’t know the answer to any of your questions, I will send your request for assistance out to my network for their advice and feedback.


All coaching calls are strictly confidential, and I do not share your information with anyone. You, however, may take the information, insights, knowledge, etc. from the calls and share them with whomever you choose.